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  + Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International Herbarium (DFGFI) more info
  + Lwiro Herbarium, Centre de Recherche en Sciences Naturelles, Democratic Republic of the Congo (CRSN) more info
  + University of Burundi Herbarium (UB) more info
  .Fungi of Rwanda - National Herbarium of Rwanda (NHR) more info
  .Lichens of Rwanda (UR) more info
  .National Herbarium of Rwanda (NHR) more info
  .Plant Type Specimens - Rwanda (Repatriated data) (UR) more info
  .Seed Collection of the Ruhande Arboretum, Huye (UR) more info
  .Teaching Collection for Botany Laboratory (UR) more info
  Afghanistan - Kabul University Herbarium (AFG) more info
  Bhutan - National Herbarium (NBC) more info
  Ex-situ Orchid Collection (UR) more info
  India - Career Point University Hamirpur Herbarium (IND) more info
  India - Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine Herbarium (IND) more info
  India - Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology Herbarium (IND) more info
  India - Northern Regional Centre Herbarium (IND) more info
  India - Regional Research Institute (Ayurveda) Herbarium (IND) more info
  India - Sikkim Himalayan Circle Herbarium (IND) more info
  India - University of Kashmir Herbarium (IND) more info
  International Herbaria dataset from iDigBio (I) more info
  Meise Botanic Garden Herbarium, Belgium (MBG) more info
  Missouri Botanical Garden, USA (MOBOT) more info
  Museum National d'Historie Naturelle, France (MNHN) more info
  Myanmar - National Herbarium (Forest Research Institute) (MYA) more info
  Myanmar - University of Mandalay Herbarium (MYA) more info
  Myanmar - University of Yangon Herbarium (MYA) more info
  Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Netherlands (NHN) more info
  Nepal - National Herbarium and Plant Laboratories (NEP) more info
  Nepal - Tribhuvan University Herbarium (NEP) more info
  New York Botanical Garden, USA (NYBG) more info
  Pakistan - Quaid-i-Azam University Herbarium (QUA) more info
  Pakistan - University of Karachi Herbarium (PAK) more info
  Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, UK (RBG) more info
  Rwanda Type Specimens (UR) more info
  Smithsonian Institution, USA (NMNH) more info
  Swedish Museum of Natural History, Sweden (SMNH-S) (SMNH) more info
  United States - Repatriated Dataset (USA) more info

  Ex-situ Orchid Collection at the National Herbarium of Rwanda (UR) more info